Bronze oak leaf used for CPD ribbons.

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Blue five point star used for CPD ribbons. Five point stars are presented in blue, silver and gold and are shape of a five point star. The appurtenance measures 3/16 of an inch in diameter and shall be positioned beginning in the center of a ribbon award and then alternating from the right then to the left of the center star.

Description: Denotes the 2nd through 4th reception of any Department Award, excluding the Honorable Mention Ribbon Award and the Military Service Award in which case an oak leaf is used instead of a star. The Outside Governmental Agency Award is also excluded. A blue star also denotes the 6th through 9th reception of an award when used in combination with a silver or gold star.

In certain cases a single blue star will denote the first reception of an award. This only applies to the following awards:

  • Chicago Police Leadership Award
  • Department Commendation Award
  • Lifesaving Award
  • Police Blue Shield Award
  • Police Blue Star Award
  • Police Medal Award
  • Police Officer of the Month Award
  • Problem Solving Award
  • Superintendent’s Award of Merit
  • Superintendent’s Award of Valor
  • Unit Meritorious Performance Award

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